Art & Animation
3D Rendering and Animation

Whether you're looking for a cartoony character or a photo-realistic rendering of your latest product or building, I'll bring it to life for you.

I use a variety of tools, including Lightwave, Maya, and 3ds Max, but you're not interested in tools; you're interested in results. That's what I'll give you.

My 3D rendering and animation.

Motion Graphics
Need to add a little punch to your film or digital video? I can give you everything from titles and animated text effects, to day-for-night conversions, to adding muzzle flashes, explosions, lightning and blood.

Motion graphics.


Flash Cartooning &
2D Animation

I wrote the book on Flash cartooning. Well ... I wrote a book on Flash cartooning.

Whether you need lightweight 2D Flash content for the web, or fully realized 2D animation for video, I'm here to help.

My Flash and other 2D cartooning.

Digital Painting & Effects
Sometimes, you want to create things from whole cloth, or drastically alter existing images. I can produce digital paintings and psychadelic photo effects, convert day to night or turn a bustling city into a post-apocalyptic ruin.

See some examples of my digital painting.