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Photoshop Secrets of the ProsPhotoshop Secrets of the Pros is the Photoshop Tennis book from Sybex. Watch 20 Photoshop artists and designers face off, and learn how they do their special magic. I brought together 20 talented artists and designers from around the world to face off, two at a time in collisions of differing tastes and tools and backgrounds and expectations. I've pitted men against women, web designers against illustrators, Holland against New York. Visit the official website of the book, or buy Photoshop Secrets of the Pros.
Flash 5 CartooningFlash 5 Cartooning is a gentle guide to producing your own animated cartoons with Macromedia Flash. Flash 5 Cartooning is the first book to approach Macromedia Flash specifically as a tool for making your own animated cartoons. Rather than tips for building fancy web sites, Flash 5 Cartooning gives you tips for building a walk cycle, for creating storyboards and animatics, for optimizing your animations, and for selling your finished work. Buy Flash 5 cartooning now.
Photoshop Elements by ExampleElements by Example This easy-to-follow book takes a fresh approach to learning Photoshop Elements. Inside, you’ll find 30+ example projects created using a variety of image editing techniques done in Photoshop Elements. Each project opens with the finished-product image, and then breaks down exactly how that image was created, in a concise 4-6 page lesson with tons of art, callouts, and easy-to-follow text. This unique approach is ideal for visual learners, and emphasizes the fun you can have with this powerful product. This book is targeted at the beginning to intermediate Elements user. Visit the book's web site, or buy Elements by Example now.
Battlebots: The Official GuideBattleBots: The Official Guide is ... say it with me now ... the official guide to BattleBots. Though dealing with a technical subject, BattleBots: The Official Guide is a 'fun' book (at least, I certainly hope so), targeted primarily at an interested lay audience: people who are comfortable reading Popular Science and Popular Mechanics. The book is highly visual, with hundreds of sexy full-color photographs and graphics. Buy Battlebots: the official guide now.
Photoshop CS QuickstepsI am the co-author of Photoshop CS QuickSteps from Osborne / McGraw-Hill. The book teaches Photoshop CS in a full-color, easily accessible, cookbook-style format. Buy Photoshop QuickSteps now.
Flash 5 CartooningWindows Hothouse is hands-on guide to artificial life. Windows Hothouse gently guides readers, step-by-step, through a variety of a-life projects, using Microsoft's Visual C++.
Flash 5 CartooningI am a co-author of Applied C, a reference book for C programmers way back in the day, before anybody ever thought of C++ or C#.
Flash 5 CartooningI have been a technical editor or contributing editor to three additional books on Photoshop.