Desktop Binary Clock

Binary ClockThe perfect Windows desktop appliance for the tru-geek: a binary clock. This clock displays your current system time in binary notation with cute, blinking LEDs. Confuse your friends and baffle your enemies. Complete instructions for reading the clock are included. Download the binary clock here.

Desktop Cuckoo Clock

Binary ClockA loving re-creation of a traditional Black Forest Cuckoo clock. Every gear and spring of the internal mechanism - 1207 moving parts in all - has been modeled, and all motions, tensions, and pressures are simulated in real time to assure that this clock is the most accurate virtual cuckoo clock, ever! Yet it's only a 300K download! (Amazing, I know.) And yes, of course it cuckoos!

Bad Haiku Screen Saver for Windows

Binary ClockThe screen saver version of my world famous Bad Robot Haiku. Watch bad haiku poetry float soothingly across your screen as you dose off at your desk. Download it here.

Gentle Snowfall Screen Saver for Windows

Binary ClockGentle snow, falling. Falling. Oh, so soothing. Download it here.

Flash 5 Cartooning Files

Flash 5 Cartooning FilesLooking for files from the Flash 5 Cartooning CD? Or files that should have been there but weren't? No worries - you'll find them here.

Windows Hothouse Files

Flash 5 Cartooning FilesFound an ancient copy of my book, Windows Hothouse, buried under a dusty pile of Fortran texts and TRS-80 users manuals at the local used book store? If the floppy is missing or defective, you can still find the source files for the projects, here.