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The Nugget "The thing I notice immediately about Ceres Supra is how much better the station smells. The first time I was here, the whole place smelled like ass. "
 Fiction by Mark Clarkson

Like a Flithiss From its Shell "The wake formally began at sunset, though it had probably started in fact with Lanos, who began drinking before Kliite was actually dead."
 Fiction by Mark Clarkson & Gary Mitchell

The Manager's New Charts     "Day after day, his offices were filled with the pleasant hum of the machines and the steady 'whish-whish' of pens moving against paper, drawing charts."
 A modern fable by Mark Clarkson

Perdition     "The man who called himself Kim was three thousand years old, more or less ..."
 Fiction by Mark Clarkson

I Shall Not Beat my Stepdad with a Hammer,   "I shall not bash his head in with a rock. I shall not sell his liver to that gypsy down the river, nor bind him tight and shove him off the dock."
 Dark Poetry by Pam & Mark Clarkson