Mark Clarkson's Newsletter - Vol. 2, No. 1

BONUS: In the interest of mixing it up a little bit, I’m including an original work of fiction in addition to the usual assortment of websites, articles and 3D.

In this issue:



I am on LinkedIn
LinkedIn is a professional networking site, allowing people to stay in contact with people they know and trust in business. You can view my LinkedIn profile here.

Have we worked together? Add me as a LinkedIn contact.



Writing Made Not Harder
I’ve recently added a series to my blog breaking down some of the keys to my particular method of writing. If you find yourself stuck when it’s time to write, maybe you’ll find them helpful.

Destroyer of Worlds
For those less literarily inclined, I’ve posted a short experimental video of an exploding planet. Boom!!!



I Am Generation Z!
This new blog is aimed at members of “Generation Z” – those born around the turn of the millennium. "I Am Generation Z” sports an original, bespoke WordPress theme in sexy purple and green.



The Nugget
I’ve published a new work of fiction, The Nugget, on my website. A story of greed, guilt and spaceships. Read it here first.

I’ve even created an original 3D illustration to accompany the story. Is there anything I can’t do?

Ceres Supra 3D illo



Peg Jump
I recently revised the graphics for the wildly popular iPhone game, Peg Jump (over 660,000 unique downloads so far!) Everything now has realistic perspective, real-world shadows and user-controllable shininess.

Peg Jump



Desktop Engineering
I've been a regular contributor to Desktop Engineering magazine since issue #1. I’ve recently written a two-part series on engineering visualization, as well as reviews of 3D applications and my beloved Photoshop. Here’s a sampling:


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