Film & Digital Photography
Would you like a photograph? I take 'em.

Product shots, wedding photos, wildlife, pets, cars, houses - if it emits or reflects light, I'll take its picture.

See some of my photos.

Compositing &
Special Effects

Do you need something a little ... more? Do you want to turn day into night? Add color to black-and-white? Cook up some psychadelic effects? Or just remove an ex-boyfriend from your family photos? I can do that.

See some of my photo effects work.


Photo Retouching
No photo is perfect, and some photos just need a little nudge to make them much, much better.

Using Photoshop and other digital tools, I do color correction, cropping, spot and noise removal, hand-tinting, sepia,
black & white and more.

Learn more about retouching.

Photo Restoration & Repair
Some images are worth far more than 1,000 words. Mom’s baby picture. Grandpa’s wedding portrait. Sadly, the more valuable these photos become to you, the worse they usually look. I can remove rips, creases, spots and splotches, and restore faded faces. I also work digital magic on old and damaged documents, from wills to love letters.

See samples of my photo restoration and repair.